Alowish Mission, Vision & Values

Alowish's mission is to help all people with any disorder experience well-being in a safe and healthy environment.

Alowish's mission is to help:The platform provides practical advice, required services, and necessary support by assessing the people's current situation and reviewing the destination places' health and safety status.

All people with any disorder: Permanent and temporary disorders, the elderly, pregnant women, the sick, and all human beings who care about health, safety, and happiness and want to alleviate their suffering.

Experience well-being: Firstly, it includes both parts, the objective well-being that belongs to our objective elements, such as safety, physical health, and subjective well-being that pertains to the human psyche, meaning, and soul.

Safe and Healthy environment:The WHO constitution states: Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Safety is the prevention of errors and adverse effects.

Alowish Vision Statement

Create well-being for all

Alowish Values

• Champion the Mission
• Health, happiness, and well-being for all
• Simplification and simplicity
• Reducing the pain of human suffering
• Live all the moments of life
• Embrace the adventure
• Compassion for all human beings